As a creative, Wedding Films are my happy place.

Really, I think they’re the best kind of films anyone can make. Imagine, you get to create amazing memories for couples to cherish forever. I love how it becomes a way of feeling, of loving and finally– remembering an experience. I’ve been able to make films that remember even the little things, long after we have forgotten everything. The laughter, the smiling eyes, the emotions — everything is there.

That being said, I’ve filmed many a wedding, I’ve had brides and grooms say “I do” over the years, and despite the common theme of matrimony and vows, they always have that special thing that make them endearing in their own way.

However, when I create films for my same kind of people, it’s just on a totally different level. Julius and Jelyn are such a pair. They create wedding films that awe and inspire their audiences and are both highly accomplished as a videographer and video editor, respectively. This couple understands films the same way I do, and live and breathe in the same magical atmosphere of the wedding film. This is why this means a lot to me.

To be given this exquisite honor to capture their wedding in turn, is a gift. As they start a marvelous new chapter in their lives, I offer this film to help them fully feel and understand what they mean to each other, as seen through my lens and edit.

Mabuhay ang bagong kasal!